Promote and Market Your Talent

I’ve been teaching college classes to adults for over 15 years. So many of my students return to school after years of raising children or working a 9-5 p.m. job. They tell me that this is their time now. They’re ready to explore new options.

market your talentIn our conversations, I hear of some wonderful passions these adults have put on hold – talents for crafts, sculpture, quilt making, painting, wood working… the list goes on.  They don’t view it at a second job; for them it’s more of a second career. They feel ready to get their creative work seen by a wider audience online. Yet many feel daunted by the glitz of digital marketing and promotion. Where to start? How to cross that bridge?

I created BoomerDen with my wonderful adult students in mind. To them I say… thank you. To you, my visitor to Boomer Den, I say… welcome! In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll explore ways to gain exposure beyond traditional word of mouth and knocking on doors to help you market your talent.  And we don’t have to become marketing majors to do it. Yeah!