Are you: Newly out of work? Underemployed or working part-time? Nearing retirement at another job? A stay-at-home parent ready to rejoin the workforce?

Explore your possibilities at BoomerDen. We help you test drive new career dreams in real-world settings! We match Baby Boomers like you with business owners eager to mentor you in exchange for your time and a "roll up your sleeve" attitude. That's it! A Win-Win!

You're with friends here at Boomer Den; people like you with something to give back. As an adult apprentice, you'll work with professionals we've hand-picked and prescreened for you, in a structured, short-term environment.

It's time to open an exciting new field, or encore career opportunity. We're here for America's Baby Boomers — 78 million strong and growing. Are you 45 years old, 55, or beyond? Then you're in the right place. Let's work together to show the world what you've got. We're new, we're growing, and we welcome you.

Before you decide on that new encore career, check it out with an adult internship. As a BoomerDen intern, your training fills resume gaps, and keeps you networking and engaged. Boost your chances of landing a salaried position!

What's YOUR career passion? Social media blogger? Cosmetician? Baker? Craftsman? You provide time, wisdom and motivation to succeed. Your business mentor provides skills training in an exciting new field. Wouldn't you say it's time?

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adult in·tern-ship: real world experience for adults looking for Encore Careers.

New Haven Chamber Of Commerce

Boomer Den is a proud member of the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce.


Can your enterprise benefit from a hard working adult with real-world job experience, life skills, a strong work ethic, and a drive to succeed? 

BoomerDen offers the maturity and work ethic of adult workers on a short-term, non-salaried basis, in exchange for your guidance and know-how. It's a no-risk way for each to "test out" the other. And it's an idea that's been gaining strength.

Contact us today for a personalized evaluation of your needs. We pre-screen all adult intern candidates for interest level, motivation and incoming skills. And we specify terms of agreement, so that your proprietary interests are always legally protected.

Boomer Den has been featured on ION Media Networks, Public Access TV Channel 14, the Republican American newspaper, and on the AARP-CT homepage.

The need is there. Boomer Den oversees that rewarding relationship, to provide a safe, guided experience for all.

Tell us what you're looking for; we'll make it happen.

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