Kickstarting a New Career – at 40…

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For the Record with Shawn Murphy

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Write Your Own Chapter Two.

You’ve always had a “what if” career – a passion job that maybe you didn’t pursue those years ago… Explore those possibilities today at BoomerDen. We help you test drive new career dreams in real-world settings! We act as your broker – we match Baby Boomers like you with business owners eager to teach you a new skill in exchange for your time and a “roll up your sleeve” attitude. That’s it! A Win-Win!

You’re with friends here at BoomerDen – people like you with something to give back. As an adult apprentice, you’ll work with professionals we’ve hand-picked and prescreened for you, in a prescreened, safe environment.

Isn’t it time to open doors to an exciting new field, or encore career job opportunity? We’re here for America’s Baby Boomers — 78 million strong and growing. Are you 50 years old, 60, or beyond? Then you’re in the right place. Let’s work together to show the world what you’ve got. We’re new, we’re growing, and we welcome you.

Are you:
Newly out of work?
Underemployed or working part-time?
Nearing retirement at another job?
A stay-at-home mom ready to rejoin the workforce?
Does your new career dream measure up to the reality? Find out BEFORE you decide on costly schooling or a new degree.

You can also learn a new field while you continue your job search. As a BoomerDen apprentice, your training fills resume gaps, and keeps you busy and engaged. And it boosts your hire-ability!

What’s YOUR career passion? Social media blogger? Actor? Cosmetician? Baker? Carpenter or Craftsman?

You provide time, wisdom and motivation to succeed. Your mentor provides skills training in an exciting new field.

Wouldn’t you say it’s time?

Fran Trelease placed me in a part-time
internship to learn voice-over and DJ work.
I was intimidated at first.
But there was flexibility built into the
schedule, and the people I met were
supportive and very positive. I have
a much better idea now if this is the
right field for me.

John M., Haddam, CT

I just signed up for an internship
to learn social media marketing
and blogging. The firm I’m
interning for is already teaching
me so much, and I’m excited to
roll up my sleeves and help them
out as well!

Robert N., Middlebury, CT

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Wow, Fran. Now its my turn to say i am impressed! You sounded great and this webinar was very well done. i think its a great idea, to show the difference between someone simply having a Facebook account, and promoting their art with the help of Boomer Den. Karen S., Woodbury, CT. 7/16/2012

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Are you a Baby Boomer (born 1946 – 1964)? Do you have an artistic or creative talent or skill? Would you like more familiarity with digital and social media tools to showcase and possibly sell what you produce? Click the image below to register for this FREE webinar.

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