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Sample new talent, with no commitment! Look no further than Boomer Den, to supply you with motivated adult interns or employees, full of fresh ideas and eager to dedicate their time and efforts for businesses only– at NO salary!* What do they seek in return? A chance to get trained in a new skill. You are their guiding mentor; they are your working adult intern or employee.

Can your business benefit from a hard working boomer with real-world experience, a strong work ethic, and a motivation to succeed? And if so, what skills can you teach them in return?

Contact us today for a personalized evaluation of your needs. We screen all boomer candidates for interest level, motivation and aptitude. Tell us what you're looking for; we'll make it happen.

Boomer Den changes a one-time fee, equivalent to 10% of an annualized salary. So, for example, if it would cost you $19,500 to hire an intern as a part-time employee, your fee is just $1,950 -- broken into two payments for convenience. That's it. No gimmicks, no strings. Compare that to traditional recruiters and see the difference!.

We take it from there. We interview candidates and conduct a thorough screening process, to ensure the right placement. We review background, employee history, prior education, and references to match experience and skills to your unique workplace needs.

We don't limit our matches to narrow, niche industries. Our interns and employees hone their skills in a wide range of fields:


Business Submission Form


A Boomer Den internship is a win-win for both sides. The need is there. Boomer Den oversees that rewarding relationship, to provide a safe, guided experience for all.

Limited Time Only! Become a preferred Boomer Den client. Refer us to a fellow business owner who might benefit from an adult intern or employee. If an intern/employee match results, receive 10% off on your next match from Boomer Den!

Boomer Den featured on "For the Record with Shawn Murphy"

"Fran supplied me with a Boomer Den intern this past summer. That gentleman stayed on with us and earned his real estate license. He's now one of our top sellers!"
Jonathan Carbutti, Carbutti & Co., Wallingford, CT

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