Mid-life Internships Expand in Connecticut

The time is now to celebrate the skills of mid-life adults. So said Frances Trelease, president of Boomer Den, LLC in Oxford, as she addressed members of the Tribury Rotary Club  in Southbury this spring.


Boomer Den helps mid-life adults explore new or encore careers via short-term, structured internships.   Existing and transferable talents and skills are matched to employer needs, and each side is afforded a risk-free “test run” of the other.

Organized by local business leader Rob Webb, the meeting took place at social hour, as Rotarians gathered to learn about Boomer Den’s programs, and the value they bring to local small and mid-sized businesses. “Talented adults ages 40-65 represent a huge, untapped market,” she said. “Our goal is to provide that gateway back to meaningful careers, while meeting the needs of business owners.”

Along with senior account manager Colette Mombo of Southbury, Trelease was pleased to answer questions and address the group.  “Experienced adults are poised and ready to make a difference,” Trelease said. “That’s why Boomer Den is here.”

Boomer Den is also in partnership with the Workforce Alliance in New Haven, allowing qualified businesses who choose to hire their interns a reimbursement of up to 75 percent of the first year’s salary.

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