About Boomer Den

BoomerDen is the go-to resource for businesses and boomers alike, who seek internship relationships in a low pressure, affirming environment. We've partnered with business owners to show you the ropes. If you are age 40+, come test out a new or desired profession without the expense and long hours of returning to college.

We provide a qualified match-making service between profit and non-profit industries seeking motivated talent, and baby boomers in pursuit of new skills or career goals.

Matching Employer Need to Boomer Career Desire

We're not a generic site for "baby boomers." BoomerDen exists to create a "win-win" environment for businesses seeking affordable, qualified labor, and motivated adults exploring new fields in a safe and inexpensive way. BoomerDen is designed to meet the changing career needs of talented adults ages 45 and older. We help individuals explore new careers in mentor-driven, on-the-job environments. Our internship clients exchange temporary time, experience and labor for training in a new field or industry.

We Work For You

Boomer Den walks you through the paces of a 12-week unpaid internship in a structured environment, with your on-the-job responsibilities and skills training agreed to in advance. Choose to intern either full-time or part-time. Boost your credentials in a real world environment, outside the classroom.

It's a safe, low risk, and inexpensive way to fill resume gaps, expand your knowledge, and provide you with practical, transferable job skills.

Fran Trelease discusses Boomer Den internships with WTNH News Anchor Ann Nyberg

My Story

I've been teaching college classes to returning adults for over 15 years. So many of my students return to school after raising children or working a 9-5 p.m. job for years, just to meet the bills. They tell me that this is their time now. They're ready to explore new options. In our conversations, I hear of some wonderful passions these adults have put on hold. Yet many feel daunted by the prospect of paying thousands of dollars to go back to formal schooling. Where to start? How to cross that bridge? I created BoomerDen with my wonderful adult students in mind. To them I say… thank you. To you, my visitor to BoomerDen, I say… welcome! Come find out all about us!

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Who I Am

Frances J. Trelease, Founder of Boomer Den
BoomerDen LLC was founded by Frances J. Trelease — a baby boomer, just like her friends and clients. She is a professional journalist and lecturer, with more than 20 years' experience using her M.B.A. and industry knowledge to help ambitious adults achieve their dreams. She seeks to offer passionate Boomers a chance to write their own "chapter two." She is dedicated to partnering talented boomers with new career opportunities.

Client and Intern

Brian Burke, (left), founder of Plans4Less in Beacon Falls, stands proudly by his former intern -- and now steady employee -- John Griffo of Haddam, CT.

BoomerDen FAQ

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A: Our team helps adult individuals explore new careers through mentor-driven, on-the-job internships. Our intern candidates provide temporary time, experience and labor in exchange for training in a new field or industry.

A: Our internships are designed as 6, 8 or 12-week programs, and can be either part-time or full-time. In some instances, telecommuting is an option.

A: Businesses gain an intern's:

  • Know-how
  • Expertise
  • Talents
Interns gain:
  • Mentoring and exposure in a New Field
  • Chance to "Test Drive" a New Career
  • Hands-On Experience

A: For a limited promotional period in 2015, our service is absolutely free to interns. Boomer Den charges business owners a 10% commission per placement. So, for example, if it would cost an employer $2,000 to pay an intern for time and labor, their one-time fee is just $200. That's it. No gimmicks, no strings.

A: Boomer Den interviews both businesses and candidates via a thorough screening process, to ensure the right placement. We review interns' background, employee history, prior education, and references to match experience and skills to the desired workplace environment.

A: Providing the 12-week internships don't overlap, there are no usage limits at this point, for either the intern of the business owner.

A: We won't turn any candidate away; however, we're designed to meet the changing career needs of talented adults ages 45 and older. Also, businesses from all industries are welcome.

A: Our clients' satisfaction is of utmost importance. Boomer Den will discontinue any internship that is not meeting the expectations of all parties involved.

A: You can reach the owner, Frances Trelease, at fran@boomerden.com, or info@boomerden.com. (203) 888-2740.

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